• Tuesday — 5/28 - Negoti­a­tion meeting with mediator — Wear WSNA blue/​buttons for solidarity.
  • Thursday — 6/6 — Power Ice Cream Social 3.0 — Q & A.
  • Friday — 6/7 - Negoti­a­tion meeting with mediator.
  • Tuesday — 6/11 — I‑405 Overpass Action

Our next bargaining session includes a Federal Mediator today, May 28. We remain fully committed to achieving a contract that we all deserve. We hope to continue making progress today and, perhaps, reach agree­ment. We ask that you please wear any WSNA swag and buttons today if you have them. Wear WSNA blue to work to show solidarity with your negoti­a­tion team. Show manage­ment we are united and invested in the contract.

Next up is the Power Ice Cream Social 3.0 on Thursday, June 6.
Where and when: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Red Audito­rium 1551 and 9 to 11 p.m. by roving cart on night shift. (We will come to you!)

Why attend this June 6 event? In addition to fabulous ice cream and building unity, nurses will have a contract media­tion update with Q & A. Then, we need all nurses to help spread the word with updates and the plan to win a FAIR contract with peers. Show up for 15 minutes and bring an RN colleague.

If we are not able to reach a settle­ment today, we will be recon­vening for a subse­quent media­tion session on Friday, June 7.

The following Tuesday, June 11, we will be having an Overpass Action during rush hour on 405. We will have banners and be informing the public regarding our diffi­cul­ties in bargaining. If we reach a Tenta­tive Agree­ment on June 6, then this event will become an oppor­tu­nity to celebrate.

We will not stop until we achieve the contract Evergreen RNs deserve!

What can you do?

Encourage peers to wear WSNA swag and/​or buttons on May 28 and June 6. Organizers will be rounding and handing out WSNA swag prior to these dates.


Prior to the Ice Cream Power Social 3.0, please contact Nurse Organizer Tara Barnes at 206 – 713-2241 or a negoti­a­tion team member to connect with us if you would like to help. Many hands make light work and have a much greater impact!

In solidarity,

Your WSNA Negoti­a­tion Team:

Clarise Mahler, Chair (CCU); hapilark@gmail.com
Debbie Pronk, Griev­ance Officer (PACU); dppbee@gmail.com
Jomay Ruiz, Secretary/​Treasurer (FMC); ruiz.jomay@gmail.com
Linda Snyder, Member­ship Officer (7 Silver); lsnyder1@eastern.edu
Val Artamonova, Member­ship Officer (Home Hospice); valeriya.art@gmail.com
Jessica Taylor – 6 Silver; Holly Baker – ED; Lexi Overa – ED; Beth Selander – OR; Caine Ballew – Float Pool; Charina Alvarez – PACU; Theresa Blazer – FMC;
Ed Zercher, RN, WSNA Nurse Rep (
ezercher@wsna.org); and Terri Williams, MSN, RN, WSNA Nurse Rep (twilliams@wsna.org)

Questions? Contact Ed Zercher at ezercher@wsna.org or 206 – 575-7979, ext. 3022.